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How To Drive Traffic To Your Website Instead of YouTube


Sarah Clow

Created By: Sarah Clow

How To Drive Traffic To Your Website Instead of YouTube
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Google's recent updates have increasingly favored video results, often displaying them prominently on the first page. For publishers, this shift presents both an opportunity and a challenge: how to capitalize on the trend without losing traffic to platforms like YouTube.

YouTube is a known dominator for hosting and sharing video content. In search results, Google is showing YouTube videos and shorts often as the top result. Why should you give your audience away to YouTube?


The answer: you shouldn't. Humix Video Network enables publishers to host, embed, and share videos directly from your own website. This approach ensures you maintain control over your content, brand, and revenue.

Direct Search Traffic To Your Website

With Humix, creators can host their videos directly on their domains, effectively creating their own video channels. This setup allows publishers to retain full control over their brand and subscriber interactions.

By embedding videos hosted on Humix within their articles, creators can drive traffic to their own websites instead of directing viewers to YouTube. One of the primary advantages of this approach is revenue retention. When you upload a video to YouTube and embed it on your site, YouTube retains 55% of the ad revenue, leaving you with only 45%.


YouTube’s algorithm is designed to keep viewers on its platform, often suggesting other videos and content that can draw your audience away from your site. In contrast, videos hosted on Humix keep your audience engaged on your own domain, ensuring that all ad revenue remains with you.

Expanding Reach with the Humix Network

This network offers a dual benefit. First, website owners earn revenue from video views on their own sites. Second, by allowing their videos to be featured on similar websites within the network, creators can reach new audiences, driving additional traffic back to their own websites. This setup not only creates multiple revenue streams but also enhances the visibility and reach of your content.

Humix revolutionizes video monetization by enabling creators to earn revenue not just from their own websites but across a vast network of sites. The Humix Video Network consists of thousands of websites where videos can be displayed, all powered by AI-driven content matching to ensure relevant videos are featured.


Even if you don't have a website, Humix creates a home base for your video library where audiences can discover and view your videos and display your video content across the Humix Network.


Steps to Implement Humix

Implementing Humix to host and share your video content is straightforward:

  1. Create a Humix Account: Sign up on the Humix platform to get started.
  2. Upload or Import Videos: You can either upload new videos directly to Humix or import existing ones from YouTube directly.
    Screen Shot 2024-06-26 at 2.14.47 PM.png
  3. Embed Videos on Your Website: Replace your existing YouTube embeds with Humix embeds on your website.
    Screen Shot 2024-06-26 at 2.18.04 PM.png
  4. Optimize for Search Results: Ensure your videos are indexed in search results to maximize visibility and drive traffic.


As video content continues to dominate search engine results, it’s crucial for creators to adapt their strategies to retain control over their traffic and revenue. Using Humix to host, embed, and share videos offers a viable alternative to YouTube, ensuring that you keep your audience on your site and maximize your ad revenue. By leveraging the Humix network and implementing effective video SEO practices, you can significantly grow your audience reach.

Sarah Clow

Written By: Sarah Clow

Sarah is a seasoned publishing industry leader with 5+ years of experience growing brands through content marketing and video strategy. Sarah's expertise is video optimization and monetization for digital publishing businesses.

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