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Reach & Build Audiences Faster With Video

Create your own channel and reach audiences across the Humix Network, in search engines, and earn revenue wherever your videos appear.


  • Add new reach through the Humix Network
  • Diversify where and how you build an audience
  • Monetize content through new sources in Humix


  • Host your channel on your domain
  • Have videos indexed in search results
  • Earn revenue sharing or embedding video

Add Reach, Build Audiences Faster

Just Using YouTube

Limits your reach to YouTube; while limiting your ability to share, send, and monetize your audience exclusively on YouTube.

YouTube Owns Audiences
Unbranded Channel
Limited Monetization

Also Using Humix

Send your viewers to your own channel, reach new audiences on the Humix Network and share and monetize anywhere on the web.

Own The Subscribers
Branded, Custom Channel
Diverse Monetization

Add The Ability To Grow Beyond Walled Gardens

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Own Your Subscribers, Brand Your Channel, and Make Your Own Rules

Finally, websites and creators can upload and share content on their own channel without complex technical setups or large costs. Humix gives everyone an easy weay to create a YouTube-like channel for their audience they can own and/or add to their own domain.

Manage video content like a blog; while accessing instant audiences through the Humix Network and organically through search engines.

  • Upload, Share, and Grow
  • Expand Reach, Diversify Views
  • Add New Sources of Revenue
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Reach A Larger Audience

Extend reach across the Humix Network simply by uploading video and sharing across the network. See your potential reach with Humix

Get More Views

Diversify your audience beyond YouTube. Calculate the potential added views...

Expand Your Reach

See how many more viewers your content could reach using the calculator below.

Calculate New Views
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Find Your Audience With Flexible Content

No need to choose between platforms. Humix lets you expand your reach, own your content, and monetize independently of YouTube.

Global Network

A Massive Network

Humix expands your content reach immediatly by over a billion potential viewers outside of walled gardens, like YouTube or TikTok.

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Import From YouTube

Easily import your video library from YouTube or upload directly from your device.

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Grow Sources of Revenue

Instant access to advertisers competing to reach your audience. Set your own standrds, terms and preferences.

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Reach Audiences Faster

Display, share, and upload video content to build larger audiences using Humix.

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Begin With A Few Clicks

Humix is a frictionless way to get more out of your content. It's a 'no-brainer'.

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