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For Creators

Everything you need to earn more and grow your audience.

  • A network that reaches 1 billion people per month
  • Keep more of your earnings
  • Expand your audience

For Digital Publishers

Instantly add video and grow your traffic on your site.

  • Rank in both universal & video search
  • Increase traffic by 30%
  • Make extra ad revenue with in-stream & outstream playback

Take Ownership Of Your Content

Network Pipeline
Unrivaled Reach

Humix Network: Beyond Your Channel

With Humix Network, your videos are matched with relevant sites globally, significantly increasing visibility and directly boosting ad revenue.

  • Automatically matches your videos with global sites for wider reach and increased earnings
  • A network with over 10 billion monthly impressions
  • Integrate and display videos from the network on your website
Humix Channel
For Creators

The Channel: Your Creative Portfolio

Your Humix channel is your digital stage. It's where your videos live and thrive, offering viewers a comprehensive, engaging view of your work. Highlight your latest hits, trending content, and connect directly to your website if you have one.

  • Showcases your top and latest videos for maximum engagement
  • Empowers viewers with easy sharing and embedding options for websites and social platforms
  • Jump to recommended content to keep users watching

Extend Your Reach

The Humix Network extends your contents reach making it more accessible than ever before. See your potential reach with Humix!

Calculate Views

See the total monthly views different categories recieve on Humix.

Calculate Visits

See the total visits to a particular category on the Humix Network where your content can show.

Stop giving away your content & earn more

Humix comes with everything you need to get the most out of your videos. Leave the restrictions behind and take control of your content.

Global Network

A Massive Network

Humix reaches over 1 billion viewers per month and connects thousands of publishers' websites across the globe, increasing your content outreach like no other platform can.

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Import Your Assets

Easily import your video library or upload directly from your device.

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Higher Earnings

Keep whats yours. Humix offers unrivaled payout compared to other platforms.

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Better Visibility

Whether you have your own videos or not, Humix can bring new viewers.

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Helpful Integrations

Humix easily integrates with the products you love.

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