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Earn cloud

Tired of arbitrary metrics?

You keep more earnings from your content than any other platform when using Humix, without jumping through hoops.

Global Reach

Earn from everywhere

Earning with Humix is easier and more lucrative than any other video platform. Ad Revenue is generated not only from your channel, but from any website your video is displaying on across the web.

  • You keep 50% of the earnings wherever your video is displaying ads
  • Keep 50% of the earnings from displaying network videos on your site
  • A network with over 7 billion monthly impressions
Humix Play

Ad Revenue

You have control of how your ads run on your videos uploaded to your channel. Let Humix optimize for you (Recommend) or fine tune the settings yourself.

  • Pre, Mid and Post Roll
  • Companion Ads that serve alongside your player
  • Complete ad optimization allows Humix to ensure you earn the most

No Videos? No problem

Humix intelligently matches video content from the network with your content. Bringing creators and website owners together like never before.

Global Network

Instantly Add Videos

Add videos that are relevant to your website content straight from the Humix network. Control video relevancy our allow Humix to match content that will perform well on your pages.

Ditch the restrictions

No more random metrics or subscriber count to hold you back from earning

  • Start earning right away
  • Earn from your channel or from website embeds

Get in the mix

Collaborate, Grow, Earn

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