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Humix Makes It Easy For Creators To Setup Their Own YouTube


Tyler Bishop

Created By: Tyler Bishop

Humix Makes It Easy For Creators To Setup Their Own YouTube
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Humix offers a comprehensive platform for YouTubers and digital publishers to host, manage, and monetize their video content directly from their websites. This new tool empowers users with greater control and broader reach than traditional video platforms.

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Own The Property, Control Your Brand

With Humix, creators can establish their own video channels on their domains, maintaining full control over their brand and subscriber interactions. This eliminates the need for complex technical setups and reduces reliance on external platforms, where changes in policies can impact visibility and monetization. Humix enables video management akin to blog updates, simplifying the process while allowing creators to keep their unique branding and subscriber relationships intact​.

Expand Your Audience Reach

Humix significantly expands the potential audience for video content by integrating with a network that reaches over a billion viewers each month. This network allows videos uploaded to Humix to be featured across various websites outside the typical confines of YouTube or social media platforms. For instance, a video uploaded to Humix could appear on multiple partner sites, increasing exposure organically through both the Humix network and search engine results​.


Monetize Video More Effectively

Humix changes the game for video monetization by allowing creators to earn revenue from their content across various platforms, not just their own websites. Through Humix, videos can generate revenue whenever they are viewed, regardless of whether this occurs on the creator’s site, embedded on external sites, or directly on Humix. This approach offers a diversified revenue stream, leveraging advertisements from all leading networks and enabling direct partnerships through the platform​.

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Import Content, Connect To CMS, Humix Is Seamless

Humix supports seamless integrations with popular services such as YouTube, WordPress, and Ezoic, facilitating easy import of existing video assets and new content deployment. These integrations are designed to make the transition to Humix straightforward, helping creators and publishers to leverage their current content while exploring new revenue and audience engagement opportunities.

Getting Started with Humix

For creators and publishers looking to diversify their content distribution and monetization strategies, Humix presents a uniquely adapted, fresh solution. It provides the tools needed to launch a personalized video channel, reach a vast new audience, and enhance monetization—all with just a few clicks.

To explore more about how Humix can transform your content strategy, visit Humix's Official Website. Embrace the next level of content independence and audience engagement with Humix.

Tyler Bishop

Written By: Tyler Bishop

Tyler is a 20 year veteran of digital publishing and marketing. He helped start industry-celebrated, Pubtelligence events at Google, to help facilitate better access to information for publishers and content creators. He's a well-know industry speaker and leader; having written in-depth articles on industry trends for the Harvard Business Review, Forbes, AdWeek, and more.

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