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Add Video Easily

Import your own videos and allow videos from the network to be matched to your content.

Traffic Growth

Adding video allows you to appear in both unified and video search, helping increase and drive new traffic.

Become Accessible

Video makes your content more accessible to those who are unable to read text-based content, improving SEO and accessibility scores.

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Earn More

Expand your earnings beyond display ads

Earn From Your Content

Bring your own videos and earn ad revenue wherever they play.

Earn From Network Content

Earn ad revenue from serving monetized network videos on your website.

Video Monetization

Intelligently serve In-stream and Outstream ads on your pages to maximize revenue on all page views.

Universal Player

Take Ownership of Your Content

Humix displays videos on your own domain without forcing your users off the page for you to generate revenue.

Player options

Earn from Every Viewer

Earn ad revenue from all videos watched by your audience and from sites displaying your videos

No Barriers

No subscriber minimums; start generating revenue instantly

Universal Player

The Universal Player intelligently manages In-stream and Outstream video ads to maximize revenue & viewability.

Share Your Videos

Your videos are strategically showcased across a network of sites that match your content, ensuring you earn revenue wherever they are displayed.

Display Humix Videos

Instantly increase visitor engagement on your articles by serving relevant videos from the Humix Network.

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